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Your home is a huge investment — an investment you’ll want to protect for the long haul.

The fall season means temperatures start to dip down, trees begin shedding their leaves as early as October. This can spell trouble for your house if you don’t stay on top of your exterior home maintenance.

That means proper maintenance is key. Completing a few seasonal chores can help you extend the life span of your home while also cutting down on repair and renovation costs.

Want to make sure you’re keeping your home in tiptop condition? Then don’t skip these six must-do fall maintenance tasks:

1.  Clean out the gutters or inspect them.

Your gutters have withstood the intense summer rains, now it’s time to make sure they’re up to the task for the fall season. When gutters get clogged with leaves and debris, water can’t drain properly. This might lead to standing water on your roof or eaves, which can cause significant and costly damage over time. To clean your gutters, follow these steps:

  • Start cleaning your gutters near a downspout
  • Remove the larger debris like sticks and leaves
  • Flush out the rest of the dirt with a hose

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