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Have you had trouble getting delivery of that one thing one you ordered online?  It is a common problem these days.  It has been challenging to keep the virus out of offices and factories, dealing with shutdowns and business restrictions. There has also been a rise in raw materials prices and skyrocketing shipping costs. The United States of America is short on truck drivers and warehouse workers.

Border crossing for truckers and customs changes at ports have transportation workers responding to regulations that seem to be in constant flux. With countries requiring different vaccinations or documentation, these border restrictions have caused bottlenecks and long delays.,

Rethink Some Gifts

There is a global shortage of semiconductor chips.  This shortage means that many electronic items from toys to computer games to washing machines and automobiles are on backorder.  These items may not be available in time for the holidays.

Shop Local

It may sound obvious, but if you shop at that local store, online or in-person, and you see the product on the shelf or in the inventory, you know you can get it—no waiting for delivery.  Shopping local also has added benefits like promoting the local economy.  You may also find unique or one-of-a-kind items that recipients of the girts will truly treasure.