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Danielle Hale, chief economist:

“Home sales are expected to increase another 6.6% and home prices to rise another 2.9% on top of 2021 highs.”


Bob Pinnegar, president and CEO of the National Apartment Association:

“Demand for apartment and single-family homes continues to outpace supply, which ultimately drives competition and hurts housing affordability.”


Daryl Fairweather, chief economist for Redfin:

“After two years of unprecedented uncertainty in the housing market, we’re expecting 2022 to be just as unpredictable.”


Keith Gumbinger, vice president of mortgage information website

“The outsized annual increases in home prices seen in 2021 should slow in 2022, but even so will leave home prices at or near record highs.”


Carlo Siracusa, president of Weichert Residential Sales:

“The demand for real estate will remain strong nationally throughout 2022. Buyer demand will continue to be driven by higher wages, improving employment, and rising stock market values. The lack of inventory will remain the biggest obstacle.”


Frederick Warburg Peters, CEO of Warburg Realty in New York City:

“Increasing interest rates will most likely impact the national real estate market more than any other factor during the early months of 2022. While there is no reason to anticipate a falling market, the interest rate rise will have a psychological impact in dampening any market exuberance.”


Skylar Olsen, principal economist for Tomo:

“The pre-pandemic fundamentals were