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Fill a vase or a pitcher with edibles. Here is a pitcher with Swiss Chard, Spinach, and Kale. Or you could try washed carrots with the tops mixed well with Kolari in a vase. Try putting an antique silver platter under it to reflect light. Let creativity be your guide.

Let your artistic side flourish. Turn an old pair of boots into an attractive vase or planter for spring flowers. These can work both inside the home and outside, as seen here. You could also use clogs, high heels, or even sneakers as containers.

For many people, Easter is one of the highlights of Spring. Filling a bird’s nest, either found or bought from a crafts store, with pastel-colored eggs will add a touch of Spring to most any décor. Make your eggs, buy more permanent ones, or even use candy eggs. The latter will make a delicious centerpiece for your table.