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I can tell you that not getting a permit when you need one is costly. Items that are not correctly permitted can lower your property value at the time of sale. What buyer wants to buy something that may or may not have been done correctly?

Take the advice of a real estate agent and pay the little extra that a permit will cost. It will probably pay for itself in the end.

1. Fences
The old saying, “Good fences make good neighbors,” is as true now as ever. Fencing in your yard can be one of the best additions to your property. A well-designed and installed fence can increase privacy, add home value, and give you that nostalgic “White Picket Fence” look. Just make sure the dream does not become a nightmare. You wouldn’t want to build a fence on your neighbor’s property in error, would you? Which would you prefer to do? Make a few calls to the building inspector to check on what size of a fence you can install, have the proper set, pay for a permit, or build it and be told you have to take it down because it is not up to code. Many towns and cities have stringent fence height and material regulations and some homeowner associations.