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Who doesn’t love a picnic?  Picnics are a great way to enjoy time with family.  After all the sandwiches and potato salad are gone play some games to make the day even more memorable.

Truth or Dare Human Ring Toss

While any size gathering can play this game it is better with larger groups and families.  Each player should be given one hula hoop.  Divide the group into two equal-sized teams.  One person volunteers to be the human ring toss stake.  Family members take turns trying to throw the hula hoop around the human ring toss stake.  The first group that successfully gets all their hula hoops around the human stake gets to ask the other group truth or dare questions.  Each member of the group has to answer or complete a safe dare.

Red Light, Green Light Family Trivia

Before heading out on the picnic prepare three to five trivia cards for each participant in this family game, questions should not be overly tricky so that all members stand a chance of answering.  Include some family trivia in the questions.  Some like what was Grandma Johnson’s middle name.

One person is selected as the traffic light and says “red light” for stop and “green light” for go.

Other participants face the traffic light in a horizontal line a good distance from the traffic light.

The traffic light says green light and the line advances trying to reach the traffic light.  When the traffic light says red light, all players must stop.  Anyone that does not stop goes