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Do you love sautéed mushrooms but are looking for a foolproof, easy way to cook them?  Well, look no further.  Awash in a pleasant garlic butter sauce, these golden-brown sautéed mushrooms are faultless.

Aside from the delicious taste, this dish’s simplicity is the cooking method’s simplicity.  This single skillet dish takes only 15 minutes to prepare and serves six.  They are an excellent accompaniment to steak or chicken; they go equally well with burgers, sandwiches, and pasta, or eat them on their own.

When making these mushrooms remember that it is all in how you sauté the mushrooms.  The mushrooms need to be in contact with high heat to caramelize properly.




This cooking method can be used with almost any type of mushroom.  The ones commonly found are cremini, baby bell, or white (button) mushrooms.  You could also use a mixture of mushrooms in this recipe.

Mushrooms absorb water readily.  To avoid soggy mushrooms, brush off the specks of dirt with a damp paper towel or soft brush.  A quick rinse also works but dry rapidly on a paper towel or lint-free dish towel.


You need to use cooking oil with a smoke point higher than butter.  Olive oil is the classic choice, but grapeseed oil or avocado oil can also be chosen.  Butter is added later in the cooking process to enhance the flavor.


Nothing fancy, just salt and pepper.


Using unsalted butter is a good idea to monitor how much salt you add to the mushrooms.  How much to use depends on your personal taste.


Garlic, particularly fresh garlic cloves, enhances the mushrooms’ flavor but can be omitted if you don’t care for garlic.

Fresh Parsley:

Parsley is optional, but it does brighten up the dish and balances out the richness of the butter and mushrooms.